“We weren’t expecting them to verbalise a response, but it was very positive.”

That quote is why we get out of bed in the morning. It came from the Director of Nursing of an aged care facility. She was talking about an installation we had just completed in her dementia specific wing.

It is so important to us that the residents of the facilities we furnish have a positive experience, and that quote really made our day.

Of course, in order to do that there are some practical considerations that need to be met. But we refuse to let the practical considerations dictate the look and feel of our projects. “Institutional” is a word we work hard to banish from our clients vocabulary. “Joyous”, “refreshing”, “wonderful” and “warm” are much better, thanks very much.

Of course, we do understand the practical requirements of furniture in aged care. Seat heights, arm heights, no sharp edges, fabric types, even the internal construction of the pieces is unique to aged care. General commercial furniture won’t cut it, so we build the furniture from the ground up with aged care suitability in mind.