There are only 3 colours, 10 digits, and 7 musical notes; it’s what we do with them that’s important. – Jim Rohne

We specialise in creating warm, comfortable and inviting living spaces for aged care.

Traditionally, the functional requirements of aged care environments would be considered more important than the beautiful.

We don’t believe that choice is necessary.  We add beautiful to functional.  In fact, we believe that spaces are MORE functional when they ARE beautiful.

Central to this idea is our understanding of the use of colour in aged care environments. Colour affects people in many ways. It can soothe or excite, it can evoke emotion and trigger memory, it can be used to disguise or to highlight.

Colour and contrast can be used to help residents’ navigation, orientation and mobility. That equals independence, involvement and improved quality of life.

We create attractive and functional aged care interiors that enhance the lives of residents and appeal to their relatives, which will increase the value of your aged care facility, as well as giving you the edge over the competition.

Over the years we have worked very closely with facility managers, carers, cleaners, occupational therapists, physios, maintenance staff and, of course, residents. This knowledge base has been the foundation for our large range of aged care soft furnishings and furniture that are enduring, attractive, practical and durable.